As we watch countries locking down and we are quarantined with our loved ones, now is the time to take some stringent steps to prevent ourselves from the novel Coronavirus pandemic.

The threat of this outbreak has become more widespread but there are some simple and proactive measures we can take on a daily basis. Take a quick read and make sure you keep illness at bay:

  1. Wash your hands regularly

Indeed, this is still the no. 1 way to prevent yourself from the pandemic. Make sure you wash your hands correctly using soap and water after every hour. Clean all the joint crevices and the entire palm area repeatedly for 20 seconds. Use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when soap and water aren’t available.

  1. Try social distancing

We get you! You must be missing your friends, co-workers and loved ones at this point. Coronavirus however, happens to be a highly infectious virus and exposure to it only spreads the epidemic like wildfire. Just for a few days, stay away from crowded places and once we are out of danger you can party like there’s no tomorrow.

  1. Stay at home

Remember you said, you could watch Netflix all day? Well, now is the time to prove it! If binge-watching is not one of your hobbies then you can learn a new skill, pick up that guitar, read a gripping novel or try a new recipe. In the comfort of your home, you can ensure great hygiene standards but exposing yourself to outside environments can make your system vulnerable to infections.

  1. Only believe the authentic sources

There’s one thing that spreads faster than the virus itself and that is fake news and misleading information in the times of social media. We recommend you to believe only official sites that provide accurate numbers, trustworthy healthcare tips and reliable sources of information. Remember, a WhatsApp message can never be a trustworthy source of information and hence we recommend you to follow all the official websites and social media handles.

  1. Do Not Touch Your Face

The World Health Organization (WHO) says we should always try and avoid touching our eyes, nose and mouth, which can be an effective way of preventing the outbreak. Viruses live for days on surfaces from belongings like desktops to door handles, and once on our hands can be transferred into our bodies through these entry points.

Recently a healthcare expert quoted, that what you do everyday to maintain a healthy body is all you need to do to largely keep yourself during the pandemic. Regular exercise and a healthy diet while you are quarantined at home are certainly achievable goals and now is the time you can make them a part of your routine. Incase of any symptoms such as fever, cough and shortness of breath, we recommend that you immediately see a doctor near you. Times are tough but not to worry! We are all in it together.

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