The most important of all is to decide on a course of study. We had a student who has done BTech. in Civil Engineering, but

When many people think about what do veterinarians do, their only frame of reference is whatever they’ve seen or experienced when they’ve taken their pet

Education is a critical aspect of our lives that lay the foundation for personal and professional growth. However, choosing the right education path can be

MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. The degree is the step towards becoming a doctor, a person whose life is dedicated

As we watch countries locking down and we are quarantined with our loved ones, now is the time to take some stringent steps to prevent

There must always be a way in which you can give back to the world. While you migrate overseas for education and progress, a short

Coronavirus is now a reality for most people across the world, more so for students and colleges. But does that mean international education is doomed

Whether studying for a degree or expanding their knowledge, every student needs study tips. It is not always necessary to work harder to succeed but

Veterinarians are doctors for animals. As a veterinarian, you can work in the healthcare of different types of animals. You will evaluate, diagnose and treat

Recently scope for the veterinarians is increased in India.Veterinary education in India today forms an integral component of Land Grant System of education. For becoming