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C in Depth By Srivastava Latest Edition: This book is a complete guide to standard C programming language. This book focuses on the set of operators provided by C language, types of expressions, improved control flow and data structures. Numerous examples and problem sets are included to clarify the problems pertaining to the performance of difficult language establish. This C in Depth book also contains well structured and efficient programs. The book contains a nicely designed reference manual which includes syntax notation, declarations, scope rules and many others. This C in Depth book is of great help to people working with compilers.

C in Depth By Srivastava Latest Edition Buy Online

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This book presents groundwork of C programming language in a very straightforward manner. Each chapter contains a set of objectives to be learned and at the end of every chapter there is a set of review questions and programming exercises. Different attribute of the language are pleasantly discussed and demonstrated through many sample. In order to gain full control over the subject real life applications of C programming language have been presented. Different attribute of C language integrated thereby leading to the origination of program. Chapters on program design and development, program efficiency, errors and debugging have also been included.

The book includes explanation of commonly used features of C programming language and also provides a contemporary approach to programming, stressing the importance of clarity, legibility and efficiency in program design. The book is very useful from beginning programmers to practicing professionals. Sets of review questions as well as drill programs are given at the end of the chapter. This will help the readers to test their understanding of the subject. The book also covers most of the latest advancements done in the field of C programming language.

C in Depth By Srivastava Latest Edition Buy Online @ Low Price

The book contains various general and mathematical techniques for problem solving. The other topics covered in the book are computer problem solving basics, recursive algorithms, factoring methods, array techniques, merging, sorting, searching, dynamic data structures and algorithms. The data is presented in such a way that reader can easily grasp the concepts in short time. The book contains various number of problems and questions which are tailored according to the needs of the readers.

In the third edition of the book ‘C in depth’, the authors explain the basics of the programming language while maintaining the integrity and clarity of the programs. The book can be utilized by both beginners and advanced level programmers as a self-evaluation and learning source. There are more than 310 programs with explanations to illustrate the concepts of programming and over 450 exercises to challenge the readers in programming. These exercises are accompanied by solutions and hints where deemed necessary.

C in Depth By Srivastava Latest Edition Available to Buy Online

The book begins with an introduction to the language and explains the elements, input and output, and operator and expressions used in programming. Control statements, functions, arrays, pointers, strings and files are covered next in successive chapters. Every chapter has examples in the form of programming that are explained step-wise. Five chapters have been added in the third edition, which includes chapters on Recursion and Bitwise Manipulation. Chapters on project development and library creation, code optimization, assembly interactions, and operations on bits may be helpful for further execution of the knowledge of programming.

The book explains each topic in depth without compromising the lucidity of the text and programs. This approach makes this book suitable for both novices and advanced programmers: the well-structured programs are easily understandable by the beginners and useful for the experienced programmers. The book can be used as tool for self-study as it provides step by step explanation and comes with solutions of all exercises. It explains all the basic concepts and doesn’t assume that you know how to program. New features in the 3rd edition include a chapter on Recursion, through explanation of Bitwise Manipulation, new and improved programming examples, lots of new exercises ranging in difficulty, solutions to all the exercises and a CD that includes of all the programming examples and exercises. The book contains about 310 well explained programming examples to drive the concepts home and nearly 450 exercises which include many interesting and challenging programming exercises that will help you to sharpen your programming skill. The chapter on project development and library creation can help students in implementing their knowledge.

C in Depth By Srivastava Latest Edition Chapters 

  1. Introduction
  2. Elements of C
  3. Input-Output in C
  4. Operators and Expressions
  5. Control Statements
  6. Functions
  7. Recursion
  8. Arrays
  9. Pointers
  10. Strings
  11. Structure and Union
  12. Files
  13. The C Preprocessor
  14. Operations on Bits
  15. Miscellaneous Features
  16. Building Project and Creation of Library
  17. Code Optimization in C
  18. C and Assembly Interaction
  19. Library Functions

About C in Depth By Srivastava Latest Edition Chapters the Author

Suresh Kumar Srivastava has been working in software industry for last 14 years. He has done B level from DOEACC Society. He likes to work on system side and do some creative work for development of software tools. He has authored a book on Data structures titled “Data Structures through C in depth”.

Deepali Srivastava has done MSc. in Mathematics and Advanced F’GDCA from MJP Rohilkhand University. Her areas of interest are C, C++ and Data Structures and she has a passion of writing, She has authored a book on Data Structures titled “Data Structures through C in depth”.