CBSE Class 12 Books 2017: 12th class books are Designed Especially for the students of class XII. These books are helped to get score more marks in Upcoming CBSE Exams. 12th Class books covered all topics arround Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Biotechnology, Accountancy, General Awereness, Econmics, polyticss. Histroy, Commerece, Mathematics, Computer effeciency, Socialogy, Physical Education and physcology etc…

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  • Mathematics Textbook for Class 12 Part – 2 by NCERT
  • All-in-One Chemistry CBSE Class for 12 (2017-18 by Indu Gupta and Avantika Triwedi
  • Physics Text Book Part 1 for Class 12 by NCERT
  •  Class Notes For 12th PCM (Set of 8 Volumes) By Career Point Kota by Career Point Kota
  • All in One Biology CBSE Class 12 by Arihant Experts
  • All-In-One Computer Science CBSE for Class 12 (2017-18) by  K Ganesh Ayyer and Minni Goyal
  • CBSE Chapterwise Solved Papers 2016-2008 ENGLISH CORE Class 12th by Megha Karnani
  • I-Succeed 15 Sample Question Papers CBSE Examination 2017 – Chemistry Class 12 by  Geeta Rastogi
  • 15 Sample Papers CBSE Examination 2017 Mathematics for Class 12
  • 15 Sample Papers CBSE Examination 2017 Mathematics for Class 12  Prem Kumar

CBSE Class 12 Books 2017

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CBSE Class 12th Syllabus

Physics book for class 12

Physics book for class 12: These books published by  Central Board of School  Education. These physics books designed for 12th class studednts. CBSE class 12th books are divided as two parts. Part 1 of thses books contains topics on electric charges and electric fields, electrostatic potential and capacitancea, the concept of current electricity. class 12 physics  also Covers with concepts such as electromagnetic induction,  moving charges and magnetism and chapters on alternating current and electromagnetic waves. The second part covers topics such as Semiconductors, Communication Systems, Nuclear Physics, Optics and Quantum Theory.

Chemistry notes for class 12

 CBSE Class 12 Chemistry syllabus consist of these chapters divided in organic and inorganic chemistry, Solid State, Solutions, Alcohols,Aldehydes, Polymers, Surface Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Chemical Kinetics,The p-Block Elements, Coordination Compounds, Haloalkanes and Haloarenes, Phenols and Ethers, The d- and f- Block Elements, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids, Amines, Biomolecules, General Processes  Isolation of Elements, Chemistry in Everyday Life

Class 12th Mathematics Syllabus

CBCE books for class 12 Mathematics comprises Vector Algebra, Matrices, Determinants, Integrals, Application of Integrals, Relations and Functions, Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Continuity and Differentiability, Application of Derivatives,Differential Equations, Three Dimensional Geometry, Linear Programming, Probability. class 12 maths is very useful to participate in exams of various boards

Biology  textbooks for class 12

CBSE Class 12 Biology includes Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants, Reproductive Health, Reproduction in Organisms, Principles of Inheritance and Variation, Biotechnology, Ecosystem, Human Reproduction,  Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Evolution, Human Health and Disease, Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production, Microbes in Human Welfare, Biotechnology Organisms and Populations, Environmental Issues, Biodiversity and Conservation

Accountancy Syllabus for class XII

Class 12 Accountancy question bank includes such topics as Admission of a Partner, Dissolution of Partnership,Redemption of Debentures, Retirement and Death of a Partner,  Company Accounts Issue of Shares, Company Accounts Issue of Debentures,Change in Profit sharing ratio of existing Partners, Financial Statements & Analysis of Financial Statements, Tools of Financial Analysis Accounting Ratios and Cash Flow Statement.

Class 12 Economics Syllabus

Class 12 Economics has two books as Micro Economics and Macro Economics. 12th class economics covered topics are Theory of Consumer Behaviour, Market Equilibrium, Money and Banking, Income Determination, The Government: Budget and the Economy, economics book for class 12 also covered  Introduction to Economics, Production and Costs, The Theory of the Firm Under Perfect Competition,Non-Competitive Markets, National Income Accounting,Open Economy Macroeconomics.

Computer Sciences syllabus for class 12

12th class Computer Science has two optional Subjects as Python or C++ . Both optional has three common chapters. Python Subject will have Object Oriented Programming with Python, Advances Programming with Python and students opting C++ will have Object Oriented Programming in C++, Data Structure.

Histroy Sullabus of Class XII

12th class History syllabus includes The Harappan Civilization, Early States and Economies, Early Societies, Cultural Developments, Perceptions of Society, Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts, Vijayanagar, Agrarian Society and the Mughal Empire, The Mughal Courts, Exploring Official Archives, Urbanization, Planning and Architecture, Civil Disobedience and Beyond, Politics, Memories, Experiences.

CBSE Class 12 Books 2017

12th class Political Science Syllabus

Political Science for 12th class syllabus on following topics. Recent Developments in Indian Politics, The End of Bipolarity, Contemporary South Asia, International Organisations, Globalization, Challenges of Nation-Building, Politics of Planned Development, It contains these topics also Challenges to the Congress System, Alternative Centers of Power, Environment and Natural Resources, Regional aspirations, India’s External relations, Security in the Contemporary World, Crisis of the Democratic Order and Rise of Popular Movements.

Sociology syllabus for class 12th

class 12 Sociology have there are two books i.e. Indian Society and Change and Development in Indian Society. 12th class Indian Society Syllabus contains with Social Institutions-Continuity and Change, Demographic Structure and Indian Society, Pattern of Social Inequality and Exclusion. Second one Change and Development in India Contains with Challenges of Cultural Diversity, Structural Change, Cultural Change,The Story of Democracy, Globalization and Social Change, Mass Media and Communications, Change and Development in Industrial Society, Change and Development in Rural Society and Social Movements.

CBSE Class 12 Books 2017

12th Class Physical Education syllabus

Physical education 12th class syllabus following topics such as Planning in Sports, Sports and Nutrition, Adventure Sports and Leadership Training, Women and Sports, Children and Sports, Postures, Test and Measurement in Sports, Sports Medicine, Biomechanics and Sports,Physiology and Sports, Training in Sports, Practical. Psychology and Sports, Physical Education syllabus

Psychology 12th class Syllabus

12th class syllabus shows Variations in Psychological Attributes, Meeting Life Challenges, Social Influence and Group Processes, Psychological Disorders, Attitude and Social Cognition, Therapeutic Approaches, Developing Psychological Skills and Psychology and Life.

12th class other Subjects

Class 12th  Syllabus other Subjects have such as Carnatic Music, Mohiniyattam Dance, Manipuri Dance, Bharatnatyam Dance, Theater Studies, Hindustani Music, Kathakali Dance, Kuchipudi Dance, Kathak Dance, Human Rights and Gender studies, Library and Information Science, Mass Media, Heritage Crafts, Fashion Studies, Agriculture, Odissi Dance and French and Indian Languages.

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