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CBSE Class 8 Books : CBSE 8th Class is a very Important stage in a student’s life where they can build a strong foundation for themself and they were  initiated the path for a successful future. students need to prepare efficiently for their exams. CBSE Class 8 books holds a great importance and the only key to this is continuous practice and clarity of concepts. Students here we provide best 8th Class CBSE books for aspiring CBSE 8th class Students. These books are helps to the students for get more good marks in their exams. We provide also CBSE 8th Class Exam Syllabus.

CBSE 8th class students are able to develop their key concepts on various topics, Vijetha has come up with CBSE Class 8 Math, Physics, Chemistry Biology and Social Sciences Syllabus which will help students grasp easily. CBSE Class 8 Syllabus detailed structure of the has been given below.

CBSE Class 8 Books

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Suggested Best CBSE Class 8 Books Buy Online

  • Mathematics for Class 8: Mathematics Class 8 by D. Sharma
  • Science – Textbook For Class VIII PB by
  • Social Science Class 8 by Full Marks
  • Olympiad Books Practice Sets – science Class 8th by Arihant Experts
  • Edurite’s Combo Pack of Maths, Social Science and Science for CBSE Class 8 by Pearson Education
  • Hindi Class 8 by Full Marks
  • All in One English for Class 8 by Arihant Experts
  • Digital World (Computing-ICT) Class-8 (Falcon Series) by Vishv Books
  • Chemistry for Middle Class – 8 by P. Rana

CBSE Class 8 Books

CBSE has released the 8th Class syllabus for the academic year  2017-2018. Here we provide 8th Class Books to you with the syllabus for those subjects mentioned below. Central Board of Secondary Eduction is a reputed educational board, which provides standard school education along with adcvance learning environment to all students by imparting comprehensive syllabus in the right manner.

CBSE 8th Class Science Syllabus


  1. Crop production
  2. Micro-organisms
  3. Materials
  4. Materials in daily life
  5. Different kinds of materials and their reactions.
  6. How things change/ react with one another

2.The World of the Living

  1. Why conserve
  2. The cell
  3. How babies are formed

3.Moving Things, People and Ideas

  1. Idea of force
  2. Friction
  3. Pressure
  4. Sound

4.How Things Work

  1. Electric current and circuits

5.Natural Phenomena

  1. Rain, thunder and lightning
  2. Light
  3. Night sky
  4. Earthquakes   

6.Natural Resources

  • Man’s intervention in phenomena of nature
  • Pollution of air and wat

CBSE Class 8 Books

Mathematics 8th Class CBSE Syllabus

CBSE Mathematics Syllabus Contains topics Such as Rational Numbers , Linear Equations in One Variable, Understanding Quadrilaterals , Practical Geometry , Data Handling , Squares and Square Roots,  Cubes and Cube Roots, Comparing Quantities , Algebraic Expressions and Identities, Visualizing Solid Shapes , Mensuration, Exponents and Powers , Direct and Indirect proportions. Factorisation , Introduction to Graphs and Playing with Numbers.

Social Sciences 8th Class CBSE Syllabus

CBSE 8th Class Social Science Syllabus Consists Geography, Histroy, Civics and Home Sciences.


  • Resources
  • Land, Soil, Water, Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Resources
  • Mineral and Power Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Industries
  • Human Resources


  • How, When and Where
  • From Trade to Territory
  • Ruling the Countryside
  • Tribals, Dikus and the Vision of a Golden Age
  • When People Rebel
  • Colonialism and the City
  • Weavers, Iron Smelters and Factory Owners
  • Civilising the “Native”, Educating the Nation
  • Women, Caste and Reform
  • The Changing World of Visual Arts
  • The Making of the National Movement
  • India After Independence


  • The Indian Constitution
  • Understanding Secularism
  • Why Do We Need a Parliament?
  • Understanding Laws
  • Judiciary
  • Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
  • Understanding Marginalisation
  • Confronting Marginalisation
  • Public Facilities
  • Law and Social Justice

CBSE 8th class English Syllabus   

8th class CBSE syllabus Contains these following topics The Best Christmas Present in the World , The Tsunami , Glimpses of the Past , Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory , The Summit Within, This is Jody’s Fawn ,  A Visit to Cambridge , A Short Monsoon Diary, The Great Stone Face – II , How The Camel Got His Hump , Children at work , The Selfish Giant , The Treasure Within,  Princess September , The Fight , The Open Window , Jalebis,  The Comet-1 ,  The Comet – II and Comets.

CBSE Class 8 Books

8th Class CBSE Computer Science Syllabus

  • Adobe Flash C54
  • Computer Communication
  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Internet and E-Commerce
  • Interduction to Adobe Photoshop
  • Interduction to Web Designing 1
  • Logon to Acess
  • More on Visual Basics
  • Networking Concepts
  • Office 2007 overview
  • Surfing Internet
  • Tools and Options
  • Understanding HTML
  • Using list and creating table in HTML
  • Video Editing
  • Visual Basic
  • Web Design-II
  • Working with Queries
  • Working with Tables

Hindi 8th Class  CBSE Syllabus

ध्वनि , लाख की चूड़ियाँ , बस की यात्रा , दीवानों की हस्ती , चिट्ठियों की अनूठी दुनिया , भगवान के डाकिए , क्या निराश हुआ जाए , यह सब से कठिन समय नहीं , कबीर की साखियाँ , कामचोर , जब सिनेमा ने बोलना सिखा , सुदामा चरित , जहाँ पहिया है , अकबरी लोटा,  सूरदास के पद , बाज और साँप , टोपी

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