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ChagantiI Koteswarao Books: Brahma sri chaganti koteswarao born in 14/7/1959 in Andhra  Pradesh  chaganti koteswarao having one brother and two sisters  all are educated .the chaganti koteswarao learn the Veda’s and all Hindu epics ,all PURANA’S in his childhood. chaganti koteswarao father is a great person ,He was a head master,  in his salary some money will give to the poor people for their education. Chaganti koteswarao presently working as a Government employee and manager in food corporation  that place is located on Kakinada. We Provide Best ChagantiI Koteswarao Booksto Buy Online.

ChagantiI Koteswarao Books

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Best ChagantiI Koteswarao Books Buy Online 

  • KARTHIKAMASA VAIBHAVAM (TELUGU) (Telugu)   by CHAGANTI KOTESWARA SARMA (Author)  book can give the  specialty of karthika masam  and importance,
  • Srimad Ramayanam (Telugu)  book by Chaganti Koteshwar Rao Sharma (Author) this book having the information for the ramayanam part and on the time characters  importance and all the related information will have on the srimad ramayanam,
  • Sri Madhaandhra Bhagavatham book by Chaganti Koteshwara Rao this having the information for the sri mad bagavatham and relatively  on that time incidents and all the information available.
  • Shiva mahapuranam (Telugu) book by Chaganti Koteshwar Rao Sharma (Author) this having the lord Shiva and information to the parvathi and ganga the related information available on this book.
  • Soundaryalahari book by Chaganti Koteshwarao the author can give the popular sloke and golden slokes will available on the online book stores we can easily buy online,
  • Dasaavataaralu (Telugu) book by Chaganti Koteshwara Rao (Author) this book having the  dasavatharam for god to give this book in detail information
  • Gomaatha Vybhavam: గోమాతావైభవం by Chaganti Koteshwar Rao Sharma written this book for the specialty of cow and its important role on the Hindu traditional,
  • Sri KAMAKSHI Vybhavam book by Chaganti Koteshwara Rao this can give the valuable information for the god KAMAKSI and importantance of our Hindu traditional all information will be available on this book
  • Subrahmanya Vybhavam book by Chaganti Koteshwara Rao will give the valuable information for the subramanya swamy, Durga Vybhavam  book by Chaganti Koteshwara Rao this book give the detail information about the Durga Vybhavam and give the Devi navaratrulu book
  • Shiva mahapuranam book by Chaganti Koteshwar Rao Sharma this complete information for the lord shiva

The chaganti koteswarao he discuss the sampurna ramayanam 42 days in Kakinada 2005 ,his  deliver the more than 125puranas and Hindu puranas, sreemad bhagavatham in 45 days continuously speaks and give the complete information  2006,the maha Shiva puranam explain in 30 days 2007,lalitha shasranamam in 2008 complete 45 days. Brahma sri chaganti koteswarao  written the many books for the readers this book s are clearly explain about the Hindu  traditional    the chaganti koteswarao is tell the pravachanam  and he is a Indian scholar  and he discuss the srimad ramayanam and srimad bagavatham in the chaganti will discuss the all the concepts to lord Shiva and lord rama  he Discuss this topic in nearly 40-50 continuously he speaks to say the gods

He widely follow the telecast the channels BHAKTI T.V,TTD channels  and he give the spiritual ,in spiral   thoughts, chaganti koteswarao is a spiritual advisor to Andhra Pradesh  government in April 2016. he give the valuable suggestions in e TV morning 7.30  and all speech are available on the online and the chaganti koteswarao written the books for all the readers can say the this books to read know the more information. chaganti personal life details  chaganti koteswara rao family as two children’s   the most of the users can see this in spiral words in online , chaganti koteswara rao ramayanam that will be cause the information for the books

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