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Correct Spelling Made Easy By Norman Lewis: the Author Norman Lewis Written the Correct Spelling Made Easy takes the reader through seemingly confusing spellings in an easy-to-learn and step-by-step manner. Examples and exercises are given at each step to make learning more interactive and accurate.Norman Lewis written many books on spelling, pronunciation, and grammar, including the highly successful Better English Book List is Shown Below. Best Selling Books are  Word Power Made Easy, Better English, Dictionary of Word Power, RSVP – Reading Spelling Vocabulary Pronunciation, “Speak Better, Write Better”, Instant Word Power,  How to Read Better and Faster, Dictionary of Pronunciation, Instant Spelling Power, Rapid Vocabulary Builder, “30 Days to a More Powerful Vocabulary” , Dictionary of Correct Spelling.

Correct Spelling Made Easy By Norman Lewis Buy Online:

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Correct Spelling Made Easy  Book by Norman Lewis  (Author). Published in 2011.

Book contains

  • Complete English spelling rules
  • Master Spelling test
  • Authoritative, clear explanations
  • Surefire ways to train visual and muscular memory
  • Reinforcement of correct letter patterns
  • Practice in spotting misspellings fast


Word Power  Made Easy Norman Lewis

The Book Give the Grammar and Vocabulary. You can be sure your spelling is letter-perfect. in just a few minutes a day, this tested, proven method will make you a master of flawless spelling.

Correct Spelling Made Easy By Norman Lewis Price:

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Most of the People Problems with English language spelling.

English spelling can be frustrating for the Righter writer to master. Part of the reason for this may be that there are so many inconsistencies in the English language. The Norman Lewis Book persisting with learning to spell correctly as poor spelling can be both embarrassing and costly.

Correct spelling improves the overall presentation of your work and will help with your confidence in writing, Dictionary of Correct Spelling by Norman Lewis.

Would you buy Spelling Made Easy Level 1 were peppered with spelling mistakes?

Apart from asking somebody else how to spell a word, which is not always reliable, there are two main ways of finding the correct spelling of a word: using a dictionary or using the spell check facility on your computer.

It even helps the reader improve their visual and muscular memory for improved retention and recall. An elaborate list of commonly misspelled words is also given, along with their correct spellings, as a quick reference guide.

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