Electronics & Communication Engineering Second Year Books Buy Online At Low Price

Electronics & Communication Engineering Second Year Books: Electronics And Communications Engineering is one of the favorite Branches for engineering students. Year to Year they are thousands of students chooses ECE Branch. For those students we prefer some books as per their taste. We hope they are most useful to you.

Electronics & Communication Engineering Second Year Books

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Best Electronic Devices and Circuits Test Books:

The book Electronic Devices and Circuits- J. Millman, C. Halkias, Tata Mc-Graw Hill, Second Edition is fundamentals  of  the electrons. The  contents  of  the  chapters are transisetrs, low frequency  transistor modals,small signal transistors,conduction in metals.every chapter is weldefined.the contentsof all chapters have suitable diagrams with examples.the book is very useful  who are preparing for GATE, IES (Indian Engineering Services), JTO’s (Junior Telecom Officer).

Switching Theory And Logic Design Books

The book Switching Theory and Logic Design by Hill and Peterson Mc-Graw Hill TMH edition is about fundamentals of  mathematic tools which are used indesign of digital systems.

Signals and Systems Reference Books:

The book Signals, Systems & Communications – B.P. Lathi, BS Publications, 2003. Is basically older versdion.but it is revised edition.it is containg new chapters .

ECE 2-1 Book Network Analysis Reference by JNTU

The book Network Analysis – ME Van Valkenburg, Prentice Hall of India, 3rd Edition, 2000. Is one of the the best book for ECE students. it is a fundamentals of  networking analysis  has described with examples.

Random Variables & Stochastic Processes Book Buy Online:

Probability,Random variables&Random signal principles,peyton z.peebles,T.M.H 4th edition,2001:

It is the simple way of learning to understand easily.”if anyone choose this”,they will get good knowledge”.

Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis (MEFA Books):

In this DR.ARYASRI  Mnagerial Economics and Financial Anslysis,TMH,2011 the author said that Economics nothing but  science of wealth.and also says that study of human activity.This is nothing boring.some of us feels like that economics is a boring and we could not understand.But it is very interesting subject. The author described all chapters in detailed. We should learn and we should know about this subject. We could know about what is Clothing, Spending, and Earning.

Electronics & Communication Engineering Second Year Books (II-II)

ECE Second year Second Semester (2-2) Books For Online:

Electronic Circuit Analysis (ECA) Books:

The book Electronic Devices and Circuits- Salivahanan, N.Suressh Kumar, A. Vallavaraj, TATA McGraw Hill, SecondEdition  is completely basic concepts of electronic devices and circuits.it is one the highest copying  book for the average students.it is revised edition.

Control Systems (CS):

Control system is consider as a driving system of automobile.In thebook”  J.Nagarath and M.Gopal, “ Control System Engineering,” New Age International Publishers, Fifth edition  describes physical systems,characterstic of control systems,control system of components,digital control  systems .It is core subject of electrical engineering.

Best Book for EM Waves And Transmission Lines (EMWTL):

It is the fundamental  concepts  and  applications of Electromagnetics.In this  book  “Elements of Electromagnetic – Matthew N.O. Sadiku, Oxford Univ. Press, 3rd ed., 2001”.  the  chapters  are magnatostatic ,fields,waves and transmission of lines,wave guides and antennas. As  per  this  subject students preparing for industrial and manufacturing project.

Analog Communications (AC) Books:

Communication means signals are transmitting one end to another end through from a channel. A communication is which information is transmitted by a continuous signal  as sound wave that is called as Analog  Communicatrion.in book  “ Principles of  Communication Systems – H Taub & D. Schilling, Gautam Sahe, TMH, 2007 3rd Edition” described chapters are Amplitude modulation,DSB Modulation,S SB and VSB Modulation,Angle Modulation,Demodulation of FM waves,Noise in Analog Modulation,Pulse Modulation.

Pulse and Digital Circuits (PDC Test Book By Anand) Book Buy:

“Pulse and Digital circuits-A.Anand kumar,PHI,2005”.Iit is the second edition of the book.it is fully covered with laboratory-tested  examples.it is used for all Electrical and Electrical branches students.  It is one of the highest purchasing book for the Engineering stuidents

Management Science (MS):

In this book  “Dr.A.R.Aryasri,’Management Science’,TMH 2011’  the  author  said  that  what is management ?, How could we manage?what is the managerial skills? ,How it is involved in our life?. He described Management is a body of people involved in decision making.It is detailed study of Management Science.

These are the all  Electronics & Communication Engineering Second Year Books Refereed By The JNTU Kakinada University.

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