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Geography Through Maps by K Siddhartha:  Geography is the one of the subject in UPSC Civil Service Mains examination. The subject is conceptual questions with deep analysis. More syllabus for Civil Service exam,candidates choose the Subject as optional.  So IAS Aspirants should be aware of current affairs and also be good in World and India Maps because most of the question asked in the exam are based on laws, principles, and maps. This subject is so difficult so we are suggested the Best Books For preparing the Geography Through Maps and previews year question banks. The Candidate Effort for this Subject easily gets the good marks in the Civil Service Mains examination.

Geography Through Maps by K Siddhartha Books Buy Online:

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Geography through Maps by K Siddhartha Latest Edition book is Geography through Maps book by K Siddhartha. Book published in 2013. Buy this Book at online you save up to 11 % off of the original online price. The Best Discount Offers available on the books.

Important places are discussed. The glossary at the end of the book is chapter wise questions with answers.

GEOGRAPHY Through Maps book by K. Siddhartha (Author), S. Mukherjee (Author). This book published in 2015. The author can explain the all concepts to UPSC Syllabus. Model questions and answers available in this book.

geography through maps by k Siddhartha buy online:

Geography Through Maps By K Siddhartha Online as Geography Through Maps 10/e  book by Siddhartha K (Author). We can easily buy this book at online. Lowest price. The Best Discounts On the Books.  End of the book contain mock test it perfectly  get the knowledge of particular topic.

Geography through maps for UPSC related Books:

Geography Through Map book by Ms AS Krishna (Author), Basic Book of geography for all type of competitive exam this book covers India and world geography map according changed IAS Syllabus. Book published in 2017 latest published book it contain ythe total information of the all competitive exams questions and answers. The Beginners  can easily understand the UPSC Civil Service Mains Examination Topics.

Indian Geography through Maps for IAS/PCS Examinations book published in 2015. Book helpful for getting good marks in IAS Mains Exam. Candidates take the challenge and feel difficulty in understanding the basics of Geography, where the answers and explanations for simple questions asked lack in any book, we present the below books  for Geography to make the understanding of the subject easy.

Geography through map book is common for all competitive exams like IAS/PCS, JRF, NET, School & Other Exams

Bhart and Vishav Bhugol Manchitro Dawara book by Ms AS Krishna this explain the Hindi Language as Geography through Maps By K Siddhartha In Hindi.

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IAS ( UPSC) Preparation : World Geography introduction

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Geography through maps for upsc Syllabus:

The most important topics as last year for Geography through maps is

  • Rocky Mountains
  • Great Lake
  • Physical features of different parts of the world
  • Appalachians


Contiguous zone

Exclusive economic zone

Nine Dotted Line

United Nation Convention on Law of Seas


Internal waters

Territorial waters

Nautical miles

The UPSC Important questions are:

Countries that pass through One Road One Belt.

India is part of which organization (TPP or RCEP)

Countries that share borders with Red Sea

Which separates Red Sea from Gulf of Aden

Which strait separates Persian Gulf from Gulf of Oman?

Countries that surround Persian Gulf

Countries part of EU 28

Which strait separates Cuba from US?

Which Country is between Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean?

Five Lakes of United States of America

Countries part of Mercosur in South America

Between which two seas the Korean Peninsula is located?

Japan  between which two oceans or sea?

Senkaku Islands and Sacotra Rock a disputed territories located in which sea?

Where are the Spratly, Paracel, Scarborough Islands located?

Countries which border Persian Gulf.

Countries which border Gulf of Oman

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