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IFS Geology Books: Union public service commission latest notification for recruiting the Indian Forest Services candidate through  All Indian Services Group.IFS Exam is conducted by Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change the candidates can prepare for IFS Exam are you confuse to choose right books ,we are providing the Best IFS Geology  books  as shown below.IFS Geology subject contain the Geomography and remote sensing, Structural Geology, mineralogy, petrography, Startigraphy  etc.

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The books can consider in Papers the Indian Forest Services the candidates can prepare for this Subject easily gain the marks. Advantage of Geology  is Limited syllabus but lengthy topics, repeated questions asked in this exam that means candidates prepare previews year questions and answers get  maximum marks in the exam.

ifs geology notes is General geology book by K.M BANGAR,GB MAHAPATRA the author can explain the all topics with chapter wise questions and answers, previews year questions and answers. the related books are Engineering and General Geology book by Parbin Singh book published in 2013.this book cover the Earth information, concepts of Geological Work of Natural Agencies chapter wise questions in Geological Work of Water, topics of Geological Work of Glaciers,features of Physiographic, Economic Mineral Deposits, concepts of Stratigraphy of India,Engineering Properties of Rocks, topics for Groundwater, total Earthquakes in world and Mass Movements, concepts of Soils, topics of Geological Investigations, total Dams and Reservoirs information, concepts of Tunnels and Road Cuts.

Textbook of Geology book by G.B. Mahapatra this book cover the Geology conceptsand previews year questions and answers. ifs geology syllabus and geology optional mrunal.

Trends in Objective Geology: For Civil Services and Other Competitive Exams Over 3500 Solved Objective Questions book by Ausaf Sayeed this book  contain the 3500 solved objective questions in previews year questions and answers.

Economic Geology: Economic Mineral Deposits book by U. Prasad this book can only cover the Economic Geology, Planet Earth: Cosmology, Geology, and the Evolution of Life and Environment book by Cesare Emiliani this book covered Planet Earth related information.

Remote Sensing in Geomorphology book by S.M. Ramasamy this book cover the Morph tectonic, morpho dynamic  syllabus this help for the Paper I for  Geomorphic and Remote Sensing.

Structural Geology book by Marland P. Billings this book cover the faults ,joints ,uncomforties ,impact structures, folding and geophysical  Methods.

Principles of Paleontology book by Stanley Raup this book cover the paleontology principles and cover the chapter wise questions and answers.

Fundamentals of Historical Geology and Stratigraphy of India book by Kumar Ravindra this book cover the basic fundamentals of Historical Geology and Straightgraphy  information.