India Since Independence By Bipin Chandra

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India Since Independence By Bipin Chandra: This is an academic covering history of Independent India. The remarkable journey of India to become world’s largest successful democracy despite the pluralism of religion, caste, class, language and ethnicity is fluently and lucidly narrated by Bipin Chandra manuscript. The Book price and specifications Shown Below.

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India Since Independence book price shown on the online. The Best Discount offers Available on the online. India since Independence book by Bipan Chandra this book published in 2008.

The Book explains the concise history of the numerous challenges and obstacles India has had to face after independence.

The book gives the Indian independence history Is equal to India’s Struggle for Independence. Significant focus on the politics involved in the center, and its struggles with the internal uprisings, communalism, economy, poverty, land reforms, bureaucracy, party politics etc. sometimes incoherent with the discussion. At places, the authors starts a statistics monolog, which in spite of being crucial to the content under discussion, It does discuss Land and Agricultural Reforms in depth but the chronology is bit messed up and is a drag after a point

For the nation to become a major power with a fast growing economy. Likewise, the book essays India’s most successful and proudest moments post-independence. Sociological problems faced in modern times. In the year 1991 foreign policy and economic reforms introduced. National Democratic Alliance in the year 2004.

India after independence: 1947-2000 information available After going through this book, one can conclude that it is so biased towards congress and predominantly Nehru family.

India Since Independence By Bipin Chandra total of 41 chapters:

Related to the book provides a concise and updated overview of India and its economic growth story, Foreign Policy: The Nehru Era, Agricultural Growth and Green Revolution and The Rajiv Years, besides the drift in the Indian political system since 1947. The book also does analyze important political personalities like Indira Gandhi, Manmohan Singh, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, to name a few.

India since independence bipan Chandra in Hindi The Union public commission has released the many notifications for filling the central government jobs. India Since Independence concept some questions asked. To prepare book you get good marks on the written exam.

India Since Independence By Bipin Chandra The Bipin Chandra has written the book as India since independence in Hindi.the book clearly explains the India after 1947  facing problems on time government policies. Modern India history book was written by Bipin Chandra. The Author written the books are India after independence essay, history of the republic of India and India after independence

About Bipin Chandra:

Bipin Chandra is Professor Emeritus of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. India Historian Specialized subject, economics and Political history of India. He had written the Different books on Communalism in Modern India and Ideology and Politics in Modern India.

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