Indian and World Geography By Majid Husain Latest Edition in Hindi

Indian and World Geography By Majid Husain: Indian and World Geography Book is used for Civil Services Preliminary as well as the Mains examinations. The second and third editions of this book have been revised and updated in the light of the course structure and pattern introduced in 2011. The book is widely used also by aspirants of the Provincial Services Competitive Examinations as well as those appearing for UGC’s NET exams.  This is very popular amongst students preparing various Exams in various fields. It covers Indian and World geography all topics. Geography Subjects can be helped as the study of link between environment and people they live in. it is also recognized as the inhabitants that come along with them.

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Indian And World Geography By Majid Husain Latest Edition:

Indian and World Geography Paperback  Book by Majid Husain  (Author). Published in 2016.

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About the Author

Prof. Majid Husain is former Head, Department of Geography in Jamia Millia Islamia. He is a prolific writer on the subject of Geography and has written many books for McGraw-Hill.

He has been a fellow and President of the Indian National Cartography Association and Vice President of the International Association of Landscape Ecology.

His other books published by McGraw-Hill include:

Geography of India

Understanding Geographical Map Entries

Concise Geography

Bharat ka Bhugol (in Hindi)

The revised and updated second edition of Indian and World Geography, a popular book for civil services aspirants, is updated with the latest data and figures. New maps and diagrams and the past years UPSC questions have been included. The book provides a strong conceptual foundation on the subject and makes it indispensable for aspirants of civil services and other similar competitive examinations.
Indian and World Geography By Majid Husain
Salient Features
Part 1 : World Geography
• Deals with the physical as well social and economic geography of the world.
• Divided into six broad chapters, this Part discusses solar system, atmosphere, hydrosphere, lithosphere, economic and social geography etc.
Part II : Indian Geography
• Deals with the various aspects of India’s geographical features in great detail
• Topics include Climate, Soils, Agriculture, Mineral and Energy resources, Manufacturing Industries, Population etc.

Part III : Multiple Choice Questions
• Has a collection of high quality questions related to all topics covered in the text
• Contains past three years’ UPSC questions of geography with relevant explanation
• More than 450 Multiple Choice Questions

Meticulously researched, compiled and supported by relevant explanatory notes, this book by D R Khullar, a renowned expert on Geography, is a collection of high quality objective questions for aspirants of the UPSC and state civil services examinations.

The book will considerably reinforce the confidence strengthen the preparation levels of aspirants for the section on ‘Indian and World Geography’.
A significant percentage of questions are asked in the civil services preliminary examination from this topic.

Indian and World Geography By Majid Husain Book Features:

Divided into three main Parts:

  • Part 1 – Physical Geography
  • Part II – World Geography
  • Part III – Geography of India
  • Over 1200 high quality Objective Questions as per latest trends
  • Questions based on latest syllabus and pattern
  • Answer Key with Explanatory Notes (wherever relevant )
  • Traverses a wide range of topics from Physical Geography, Social and Economic Geography of the World and Geography of India

Indian and World Geography By Majid Husain In Hindi Table of Contents:

Part I: Physical Geography

  • The Solar System, The Earth and the Moon
  • Geomorphology
  • Oceanography
  • Climatology

Part II: World Geography

  • Social and Economic Geography of the World

Part III: Geography of India

  • Size and Location
  • Structure and Relief
  • Drainage
  • Climate
  • Soils, Vegetation and Wildlife
  • Irrigation, Multipurpose projects, Agriculture, Livestock and Fishing
  • Minerals and Power Resources
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Transport, Communication and Space
  • The People
  • Miscellaneous

Jigeesha’s Indian and World Geography is a comprehensive book designed for Civil Services aspirants preparing for the preliminary examination. The text is divided into three parts—World Geography, Indian Geography and Question Bank. World Geography covers topics such as geomorphology, climatology and human geography. Indian Geography covers the geological structure and physiographic features of India and various other aspects such as climate, soil, agriculture, industries, mineral resources and natural vegetation. Finally, the Question Bank provides questions based on the original question pattern along with the answer keys. Beginning with the basics and progressing in a step-by-step manner, all topics are handled in a comprehensive manner. This will allow the reader ample opportunity to grasp the concepts and practise applicative techniques in a focused manner. The book is a complete course in specific topics and will help aspirants prepare for any changes in format or in question types, in the actual examination.

Key Features:
• Provides information in easy to assimilate forms such as bulleted lists, tables and charts.
• Supports concepts such as the solar system, structure of the earth, the planetary wind system, the distribution of volcanoes and currents of various oceans, with illustrations and images
• Features maps to represent information such as the forest cover in India, geothermal provinces, coal fields, types of soil and monsoon winds
• Includes a bank of geography questions based on the original examination pattern
• Includes original questions on geography from previous examinations

New to the Edition:
• Original questions of the year 2016
• Fine-tuned according to the latest pattern of the examination
• Provides a new chapter on continents and their features

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