Indian Constitution by D.D Basu Constitution of India Book Online low price

Indian Constitution by D.D Basu:  Durga Das Basu is a indian jurist he is a author of constitution of india this book can exaplain the constitution laws he is the recipient honor of padma bhusan, he is a judge of the calcutta and written the constitution book. He written the many books for Indian constitution and other books.

Indian Constitution by D.D Basu

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Best Books For Indian Constitution: Introduction To The Constitution Of India book by D.D. Basu this book having the indian law concepts and detail about the LLB.
Introduction to the Constitution of India book by D.D. Basu (Author) this book can explain the constitution of india this book can helpful for the political science students,This book can describe the information for first republic day to till the date the all political information available,This book clearly explain the constitution to the various contry in political information.
Introduction to the constitution of India is divided to 9 chapters.

1.Nature of the Constitution

2.Administration of Union Territories


4.Government of the Union

5.Local Government

6.Government of the States

7.the Federal System


9.Public Service Commissions

Constitution Of India by Durga Das Basu

Nature of the Constitution: this constitution is divided into 2 types
Dual system of government:the indian government is a dual system the power sharing both the government in State Governments. Supremacy of the constitution:this constitution the supreme court has taken the vest interprited the power State the divination is taken to Supreme Court.

Administration of Union Territories: presently india having seven Union Teritories Dhadra and Nagarvali,chandigarh,Andaman and nicobar islands,Lakshadweep,Damin&Diu,NCT of Pandhichery and Delhi.

Judicature:the judicature is detail to the state judicature every state having the High Court.

Government of the Union:the Government of India has 29 States and seven Union territories.

Local Government:the local constitution party has taken that government and run the government.

Government of the States:the Indian government has State government policies and constitution in India.

The Federal System: the fedaral system has in Indian Constitution.

Elections :every 5 years the elections can take place in all states and Indian Election Commission.

Public Service Commissions:the State wide Public Service Commission available main Entrance Exams and Government jobs related all information will available on Public Service Commissions.