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Modern Digital Electronics By Rp Jain –Modern digital Electronics: Analog And Digital Circuits And Systems is one of the most popular books on electronic circuits, and this revised and updated edition was published by Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited in 2006.

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Written primarily for students, who want to pursue and study electronic engineering, Modern digital Electronics: Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems are a helpful and comprehensive guide. First published almost four decades ago, this edition has been adapted to inculcate modern changes and developments in electronics, and has been thoroughly revised.

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Introduction To Modern Digital Electronics:

The book commences with a preface to this new and adapted edition. Providing recent data on technology and electronic circuits, the book is divided into nineteen comprehensive chapters. Topics like Transport Phenomena in Semiconductors, Field Effect Transistor, Stability and Oscillators and Power Circuits and Systems are discussed in great detail. An entire chapter has been dedicated to multistage and feedback amplifiers as well. Each chapter culminates in a set of practice questions for the students.

Additionally, the text contains 574 review questions, 242 solved examples, 170 objective questions and 712 homework circuit-simulation problems. A list of reference symbols is also provided at the start of the book to aid the reader’s comprehension. The book culminates with two appendices, which address different conversion factors, probable values of general physical constants, and prefixes.

Modern Digital Electronics 4e by Jain:

Implementing enhanced pedagogy, Modern digital Electronics: Analog and Digital Circuits and Systems is an in-depth guide for those interested in electronic circuits and technology and is designed to help the reader get a firm grasp on the subject.

About The Author:

R.p jain  , born in 1911, was a Ukrainian author and professor of Electrical Engineering.

He has authored Microelectronics, Integrated Electronics: Analog And Digital Circuits And Systems, Pulse, Digital and Switching Waveforms, and Electronic Devices and Circuits.

Rp Jain Digital Electronics 4th Edition:

After procuring a doctoral degree from the MIT in 1935, he went on to teach Electrical Engineering at Columbia University from 1951 to 1975. He is credited with the invention of Millman’s Theorem, or the parallel generator theorem. He was the recipient of the 1970 IEEE Education Medal, and passed away in Florida in 1991.

Modern Digital Electronics By R.P.Jain 4th Edition:

Christos Halkias is an American author and professor.

He has authored books like Electronic Fundamentals and Applications: For Engineers and Scientists.

Halkias studied at the City College of New York and procured a doctorate in Electrical Engineering. With almost three decades of teaching expertise, he has taught at colleges like the City College of New York, Columbia University and National Technical University of Athens. He was also a board member of Intrasoft SA, the Information Society Technologies Advisory Board and the Greek National Research Advisory.

Modern Digital Electronics 3rd Edition Rp Jain- Rp Jain Modern Digital Electronics Solutions:

Chetan D. Parikh is an Indian author and associate professor.

After graduating from IIT in 1985, he procured his Master’s and doctoral degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville. He has worked as an associate professor at IIT Bombay, as a visiting associate professor at the University of Missouri and Purdue University, and is known for his work on the heterojunction bipolar transistor, short-channel MOSFET, parasitic thyristor in CMOS, insulated-gate bipolar transistor, and super-junction transistor.

  1. Example Exercise

Digital Electronics Example is STEP 1: Simplify the following expression: ABC’D + AB’C’D + A’BCD + AB’CD + A’BCD’ [3]

Modern Digital Electronics By Rp Jain:

Answer Sub-Step 1: Using the above rules we can simplify the expression as follows [3]:


= A’BC(D+D’) + AB’CD+ AC’D(B+B’)
= AB’CD+ AC’D(1) + A’BC(1)
= AC’D + A’BC + AB’CD
= AC’D + AB’CD + A’BC
= AD(C’+B’C) + A’BC
= AD((C’+B’)(C’+C)) + A’BC
= AD((C’+B’)(1)) + A’BC
= AD(BC)’ + A’BC

  1. Example Problem

STEP 2: Using NI Multisim, open circuit file “logic_gates.ms12”. You will notice the circuit below.


The above circuit shows the different connections of logic gates used to control a machine (indicated by an LED) in a workshop. There are On/Off switches, micro-switches, as well as emergency stop switches available (SW1 &SW2, SW3 & SW4, SW5 & SW6 respectively).

Answer Sub-step 2: Based on the circuit above, determine the switch combination that will turn the machine on.

Modern Digital Electronics by R.P. Jain 3rd Edition – Modern Digital Electronics Rp Jain:

Based on the individual truth tables for each of the logic gates, we start from the far right working our way back to determine the combination of bits or switches that will enable the LED to turn on or in other words the output of ‘U5’ to be equal to 1 [4]:

Input Output
SW1 & SW2 SW3 & SW4 SW5 & SW6 LED
11 11 00 1
11 11 01 1
11 11 10 1
01 11 00 1
01 11 01 1
01 11 10 1
10 11 00 1
10 11 01 1
10 11 10 1

Modern Digital Electronics 4 Edition Rp Jain:

STEP 3: Using circuit file “logic_gates.ms12”, toggle the switches to replicate our findings and verify our combinations. You will notice that the LED will turn on when the above combinations are selected as shown below:

R.P. Jain, “modern digital electronics”, tata mcgraw hill:

  1. NI Suggested Solution

Modern Digital Electronics is an ideal textbook for a course on digital electronics at the undergraduate level. Part of the McGraw-Hill Core Concepts Series,

Modern Digital Electronics 4e:

The text introduces digital systems and techniques through a bottom-up approach that allows users to start out with the basics of integrated circuits/circuit design and delve into topics such as digital design, flip flops, A/D and D/A.

Modern Digital Electronics 4e By Jain:

The book then moves on to explore elements of complex digital circuits with material like FPGAs, PLDs, PLAs, and more. Rich pedagogical features include review questions with answers, a glossary of key terms, a large number of solved examples, and numerous practice problems.

Modern Digital Electronics 4th Edition:

This is a concise, less expensive alternative to other digital logic designs.

  1. P. Jain’s Modern Digital Electronics 4th Ed 4th Edition is appropriate for engineering students. The book has multiple chapters which help give you a better understanding of the digital electronics. The book covers 5th, 3rd, 4th and 6th semester syllabus for various streams of engineering.

Modern Digital Electronics Book:

Modern Digital Electronics Book author explain the Digital Electronics.


About R. P. Jain

  1. P. Jain is an Indian author. He has co-authored books like Delhi Police Assistant Wireless/Teliprinter Operator (Head Constable) Bharti Pariksha, Ordnance and Ordnance Equipment Factories Trade Apprentices Training Selection Test and LIC Assistant Recruitment Exam. 1st Edition.
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