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Modern Indian History By Mohammad Tarique: Modern Indian History Book is good because of its small in size and made from UPSC point of view but I think Mohammad Tarique Latest Edition book is better to understand the history of modern India. The book is in detail and to the point.  Easily understand the all the Aspirants of Central government Aspirants. Modern Indian History by Mohammad Tarique book is specially design for Civil Service Examinations.

Modern Indian History By Mohammad Tarique Buy Online:

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These Books are much useful for the competitive exams Like IAS, UPSC and other State Public service commission Examinations. The Modern Indian History Book by Mohammad Tarique is very much useful for students who are preparing for competitive exams. This book was written in Simple English which is very easy to understand. It contains every important detail in Indian History. Every student can acquire good knowledge required for exam preparation.

Modern Indian History Book Concepts:

  • It contains a Brief History of 1857 Revolution – Religious Movements – Social Reform Movements – Administrative changes after 1857 – Indian Press Development – Civil and tribal uprisings – Movement of working class etc.,
  • This Book explains the important personalities who are involved in Independence movement and in Indian History.
  • Indian History the events happed from declined of Mogul, east India Company formation and British ruling.
  • Brief History of Important events in Independence wars up to 1947 which were structured in a time line.
  • At the end of every chapter the Synopses and Bullet Points are formed in A Table, and charts which helps easy to review.

Modern Indian History By Mohammad Tarique Contents- Modern Indian History Topics:


  • Establishment of British Rule in India
  • Colonial Economy
  • Resistance to Colonial Rule
  • Socio-Cultural Impact of Colonial Rule in India
  • Early Indian Nationalism
  • Inter-War Economy of India
  • Nationalism under Gandhi`s Leadership
  • Other Strands of the National Movement
  • Towards Freedom

Model Subjective Questions

Multiple Choice Questions

Appendix 1: History of English MOnarchy

Appendix 2: Prime Ministers of England

Appendix 3: Governors of Bengal

Appendix 4: Governors – General of Bengal (Based on Regulating Act of 1773)

Appendix 5: Viceroys and Governors – General

Appendix 6: Congress Sessions

Appendix 7: Important Events of Freedom Struggle (1857 – 1947)

Appendix 8: Famous Personalities of Indian Freedom Movement Printed Pages: 0. Bookseller Inventory 24493

Modern Indian History presents a detailed look at various significant events in the history of modern India, beginning with the dominance of the British over the Indian subcontinent. It is a reference book for the aspirants of various Indian competitive exams such as the Civil Services exams.

Modern Indian History By Mohammad Tarique Pdf Free Download:

Modern Indian History By Mohammad Tarique Pdf Free Download The book is divided into two parts. The first part covers the colonial rule and its impact on India. It explores topics like the establishment of the British rule in India, resistance to the colonial rule, the colonial economy, and the socio-cultural impact of the colonial rule.

The second part covers India’s struggle for independence. It discusses early Indian nationalism, nationalism under Gandhi’s leadership, other strands of the national movement, and the final bid for freedom. It ends with sets of multiple choice questions and model subjective questions.

Modern Indian History By Mohammad Tarique Free Download is available at Online

The book ends with a set of eight appendices that provide information about the history of the English monarchy, famous personalities of India’s freedom movement, viceroys and governors, and all Congress sessions between 1885 and 1947.

Modern Indian History was published in 2007 by Tata McGraw Hill.

Modern Indian History Mohammad Tarique Review:

Modern Indian History Mohammad Tarique Review is Written specifically for competition
The topics are well divided and written point wise
Gives thorough understanding of the material included
In the end, brief information is provided about major personalities in India Freedom Struggle ( around 50+ )
But the matter regarding late 40s is not in detail

Book cover the Modern Indian History UPSC Syllabus. modern Indian History Videos  is shown at Online. Book Of Modern India History .

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  • Written in Very Easy and Simple English
  • Wrote for Examination Oriented
  • At the End of Each Chapter there is a summary Which helps very easy to Grasp and Memorize
  • Bullet points at the end of each Chapter helps in easy and quick rivison
  • Good Paper and Print Quality with   Publications.
  • Pocket Size account on Modern History of India
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