Objective General English by S.P.Bakshi Buy Online @ Low Price

Objective General English By S.P. Bakshi: Nowadays,English  is an essential language to any competitive exam,without English language we could not assume .so,some of the students cannot bare English .Why because they think that it is not necessary to learn ,some of them omit this language due to do not properly understand,some of them they tried but not prepared well.for those candidates ,author wrote this book Objective General English by  S.P.Bakshi those candidates who are worried about English.

Objective General English By S.P. Bakshi

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The author  S.P.Bakshi has written this book in the year 2014,but within a few years he became a popular writer.After getting this book so many students got jobs and settled in their lives.The essential book can build up the language skills for any aspirants like B.Ed,M.CA,M.B.A,Hotel Management and any other competitive exams UPSC, SSC, NDA,Bank PO,CCS and any other exams.

Objective General English By S.P. Bakshi Buy Online

The book Objective General English by S.P.Bakshi divided into four sections.

  • Section A is Foundation Module notify essential syntax of the language.
  • Section B is improving verbal ability
  • last two sections C and D are deal Practical Crammer and applications under different conditions.
    The latest edition of the book has a new section on practical grammar which covers with spellings,contraction rules.

Objective General English By S.P. Bakshi in Hindi:

It can be develop our communication skills .Objective General English book contains many practice papers after completing thoroughly read the book. And also contains previous papers  asked in competitive exams.The practice papers may help improving selfessesment. After answering all practice papers the book provide answers at end of the every unit.

Objective General English book also includes Tense,Phrases,Sentence Formation,Punctuation,synonyms/antonyms.If the student completed study the book ,he/she can check his/her self knowledge through  practice papers.so,we hope all the students get better knowledge through his book.It is 735 pages book and contains new pattern of examination .The book existed with all topics covered with  competitive exam model papers  for any aspirants.By this book the author has good fame and name.all over India the book sold many copies .

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In this video I will be showing you all the necessary information about this book which is Objective General English by S P bakshi.