Odisha Reference Yearbook 2017 Buy Online at low price

Odisha Reference Yearbook 2017:  Odisha Reference Year Book for all competitive Exams, Civil Service Exams, IAS, OAS and all other State Government jobs and Central Government Jobs. This Odisha Reference Year Book is a humble attempt to present Odisha in a vivid, accurate and extensive manner not only to the insiders but the world as a whole in a lucid and concise manner. It includes all important facts related to the socio-cultural, economic and political aspects of the State for all aspiring candidates, who are preparing for competitive exams.

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Odisha reference Yearbook 2017 Buy Online

This book is one such publication in its modern form. We fail to access data that we need, in particular by the students, job seekers and the common mass in general. It is not that we are a dearth of data, but lack in authentic work that provides every important facts and data. The foremost objective of this book is to enliven and revive our glorious past, culture and recall the proud moments of the hoary days. It will remind us about many illustrious sons and daughters of Odisha who have sacrificed their precious lives for the betterment of Odisha State. It will keep us well informed year after year with new events and happenings in and around us.

Odisha reference Yearbook 2017 Buy Online at low price

This book in its current form consists of great personalities, historical events, geography, polity, economy, education, language & literature, culture & tourism, science & technology and general references to Odisha. Apart from the names of eminent personalities in various fields, the deeds of many unsung leaders/heroes of Odisha who have left their indelible marks on the sand of time have been narrated. With our limited knowledge, we dare to call this an “Encyclopedia of Odisha”.

Odisha reference Yearbook 2017 contains this following Chapter

  • Chapter-1: Shree Jagannath: The Lord of the Universe
  • Chapter-2: History of Odisha
  • Chapter-3: Geography of Odisha
  • Chapter-4: Districts of Odisha
  • Chapter-5: Odisha Polity & Administration
  • Chapter-6: Economy of Odisha
  • Chapter-7: Education of Odisha
  • Chapter-8: Culture of Odisha
    Odisha Architecture & Sculpture Religions of Odisha Art and Craft of Odisha Fair & Festivals of Odisha Dance and Music of Odisha Odisha Theatre and Cinema Odisha Cuisine Awards and Honours
  • Chapter-9: Tribals of Odisha
  • Chapter-10: Eminent Personalities of Odisha
    Freedom Fighters of Odisha Makers and Politicians of Modern Odisha Poets and Writers of Odisha Artists and Painters of Odisha Administrators & Diplomats Scientists, Doctors and Engineers Entrepreneurs of Odisha Legal Luminaries of Odisha
  • Chapter-11: Press and Media in Odisha
  • Chapter-12: Games and Sports in Odisha
  • Chapter-13: Current Affairs Chapter-14: The India States and Union Territory

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