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Satellite Communication Books 2018: In satellite communication, signal transferring between the sender and receiver is done with the help of satellite. In this process, the signal which is basically a beam of modulated microwaves is sent towards the satellite. Then the satellite amplifies the signal and sent it back to the receiver’s antenna present on the earth’s surface. So, all the signal transferring is happening in space. Thus this type of communication is known as space communication.

Satellite Communication Books 2018

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There is the huge number of candidates are seriously waiting for Satellite Communication Books 2018 on various websites. For sake of the aspiring candidates, we provide Satellite Communication Books 2018 in this article. With the help of these books, candidates can get good scored marks in competitive exams. Satellite communication, in telecommunications, the use of artificial satellites to provide communication links between various points on Earth. Satellite communications play a vital role in the global telecommunications system. Approximately 2,000 artificial satellites orbiting Earth relay analog and digital signals carrying voice, video, and data to and from one or many locations worldwide.

Satellite Communication course will examine satellite telecommunication systems with an emphasis on modern systems and their link budgets. Topics will include a historical perspective, orbital mechanics and constellations, choice of orbital parameters, propagation considerations, link budgets, interference issues and other obstacles, and existing and proposed mobile satellite systems. It will also look at some of the business aspects such as the cost of deploying and maintaining these systems

Satellite Communication Books 2018 Buy Online

Satellite communication has two main components: the ground segment, which consists of fixed or mobile transmission, reception, and ancillary equipment, and the space segment, which primarily is the satellite itself. A typical satellite link involves the transmission or uplinking of a signal from an Earth station to a satellite. The satellite then receives and amplifies the signal and retransmits it back to Earth, where it is received and reamplified by Earth stations and terminals. Satellite receivers on the ground include direct-to-home (DTH) satellite equipment, mobile reception equipment in aircraft, satellite telephones, and handheld devices.

The purpose of communication satellites is to transmit a signal around the Earth’s curve, which allows communication between the defined points. These books offering a comprehensive and practical overview, satellite communications systems will continue to provide a compelling text for advanced students, engineers, and designers in the field of satellite communications and technology. Satellite Communication Books 2018 is based on the teaching material for satellite communication at the level of graduates and served as a primary text for the Masters and Ph.D. programmers in satellite communication and related fields. These books also discuss high-frequency microwaves called millimeter wave, which is finding extensive applications in satellite and terrestrial communications, radar and missile orientation. Satellite communications (SATCOM) have been the most widely used in space activities over the last thirty years to meet both civilian and military communication needs. By incorporating the functions and equipment of satellites and satellite carrier vehicles, while emphasizing basic principles and concepts, the authors provide readers with a full understanding of technology. Telecommunications technicians need to acquire knowledge of the basic concepts of wireline and wireless communications, which then apply to various types of voice, data and video systems.

Satellite Communication Books 2018 – SATCOM Books Buy Online

Satellite Communication is a special technology in the field of Electronic Communication Systems. Graduate engineering students with Electronics and Communication Engineering will find this book useful to understand the concepts of satellite communication. This book deals with the technology and gives an adequate treatment of the subject. Analysis and design of satellite communication equipment are also treated to the extent required for the engineering graduates. It is the very useful reference for the candidates preparing for higher studies and competitive examinations. Mathematical analysis is presented wherever required and concepts are well illustrated. It also deals with latest technological developments in the related fields.

Satellites are able to fulfil a number of roles. One of the major roles is for satellite communications. Here the satellite enables communications to be established over large distances – well beyond the line of sight. Communications satellites may be used for many applications including relaying telephone calls, providing communications to remote areas of the Earth, providing satellite communications to ships, aircraft, and other mobile vehicles, and there are much more ways in which communications satellites can be used.

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  • Satellite Communications Systems: Systems, Techniques and Technology, 5ed (WSE) by Gerard Maral, Michel Bouquet
  • Satellite Communication: Principles and Applications by R N Mutagi
  • Satellite Communication – A Conceptual Approach by V.S.Bagad
  • Satellite Communication (VTU) by Bagad V S
  • Satellite Communication for AKTU (SEM-VIII EEE ELECTIVE-IV Course-2013) by V. S. Bagad
  • Mobile Satellite Communications Handbook by Roger Cochetti
  • Satellite Communications Systems Engineering, 2e by PRITCHARD
  • Mobile Satellite Communication Networks by Ray Sheriff, Y.Fun Hu

An undeniably rich and thorough guide to satellite communication engineering, Satellite Communication Engineering Books presents the fundamentals of information communications systems in a simple and succinct way. This book considers both the engineering aspects of satellite systems as well as the practical issues in the broad field of information transmission. Implementing concepts developed on an intuitive, physical basis and utilizing a combination of applications and performance curves, these books start off with a progressive foundation in satellite technology and then moves on to more complex concepts with ease.

Important Topics

Satellite Communication Books covers satellite and Earth station design; global positioning systems; antenna tracking; links and communications systems; error detection and correction; data security; regulations and procedures for system modeling; integration; testing; and reliability and performance evaluation.

  • Provides readers with the systems building blocks of satellite transponders and Earth stations, as well as the systems engineering design procedure
  • Includes the tools needed to calculate basic orbit characteristics such as period, dwell time, coverage area, propagation losses; antenna system features such as size, beam width, aperture-frequency product, gain, tracking control; and system requirements such as power, availability, reliability, and performance
  • Presents problem sets and starred sections containing basic mathematical development
  • Details recent developments enabling digital information transmission and delivery via satellite