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Speak Better Write Better By Norman Lewis: Norman LLewis written “Speak better Write Better” Boo. The Book explains the step-by-step guide to help one speak and write better English. Whether one wants to overcome his fears while speaking the language or simply polish the knowledge of English, This book Build on Skills to stand up in Candidates. The Author Most Popular Books are 30 Days to Better English, How to Read Better and Faster, Correct Spelling Made Easy, and Word Power Made Easy.

Speak Better Write Better By Norman Lewis Buy Online:

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Speak Better Write Better Book by Norman Lewis, Published in 2011.

Better English book by Norman Lewis, Published in 2011.

Word Power Made Easy  By Norman Lewis

Speak Better  English Write Better Norman Lewis book, each aspect of effective communication, like grammar, pronunciation, spelling, etc., is discussed in great detail. The fundamentals of each of these are explained, which should work as a guide for everyday communication. Commonly used words in everyday communication are also brought up and their correct usage is explained. A series of self-assessment exercises are given at the end of each chapter. The focus here is to make the readers thorough in their understanding of the concepts discussed.


Speak, Write Better English Book stresses that the key to effective communication is regularity and application. Therefore, the chapters are short and structured in a way that the readers devote some time with the book on a regular basis. Readers are also encouraged to use the learning in their day-to-day life to enhance recall and application of the concepts.

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Speak Better Write Better Norman Lewis Book Contain step-by-step guide along with the different programs given in the book, one can easily stand in front of an audience. After thoroughly going through the book and understanding every concept in the book, one can also avoid doing embarrassing mistakes in grammar. Speak better write better Book can help to prevent mistakes in grammar, misspelling and mispronouncing of words and over-usage of same words again and again.

Speak Better Written Better with the help of this English grammar book, one can increase their chances for success in school, job or any other important event. For improving the vital communication skills, the book also contains challenging exercises to help one monitor his performance. Using this effective handbook, the reader can test his own problem areas in English and own a good precision and command over the language.

Speak Better English Write Better Review is shown on the Online. This book helped me to improve mine as well as my students English. It covers important mistake we usually commit in the English language.

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