The Alchemist Paulo Coelho Novel A Fable About Following Your Dream buy online

The Alchemist Novel Book: The Alchemist book was originally written by Brazil by Author Paulo Coelho in Portuguese language in this novel is translated to 69 languages in all over world in December 2016 the original name of this book is O Alquimista latter this book can modified to The Alchemist.

The Alchemist novel book Review

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This novel is Adventure Quest and Fantasy this book can set the trending in 70 different languages 150 million copies can sold so this book place the guniees book record,the publisher of this book Harper Tourch (Translate to English)
The original Publication Date is 1988,the English published in 1993 the first edition book contain 163 pages and complete 25 th Anniversary Edition in 208 pages.

The alchemist pdf free download available on the website we can down load without pay any amount paulo coelho the alchemist audio book is available. paulo coelho the alchemist is a novel to discuss about the Alchemist story about the Egypt boy.

Alchemist Books List:

The Alchemist book by Paulo Coelho this book can explain the story in English Language this novel inspired and followed by world wide.

The Alchemist (Marathi) book by Paulo Coehlo Trans. Nitin Kottapalle (Author) the author can explain the story in Marathi Language.

In Malayalam book by Paulo Coelho this story is translated to Malayalam in 2007 the book can explain the Santiago or ‘The boy’ and the Alchemist story.

Alchemist (Hindi) book by Paulo Coelho (Author), Kamleshwar (Translator) this is translated to Hindi in 2003 the story is a wonderful story the Author can clearly explain the characters and its importance.

Alchemist (Gujarati) book by Paulo Coelho (Author) this book can translate to Gujarati Language the story is Santiago or ‘The boy’,Melchizedek,Fatima and alchemist the characters will play the key role in the novel.