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This Is Not Your Story By Savi Sharma: Savi Sharma is a simple girl from Surat who left her CA studies to become a Storyteller. She self-published her inspirational novel, ‘Everyone has a Story’ which was acquired later by Westland Publishers. The Book ‘This is Not Your Story’ is her second step on her mission to inspire and touch millions of lives. More than 100,000 copies of her debut novel were sold in less than four months, making it India’s fastest selling debut novel.


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Sometimes, you do not write your story, it writes you. You don’t choose your story, it chooses you.

But would you believe it if someone told you, ‘This is Not Your Story’? Would you have the courage to rewrite it?

Shaurya, a CA student.

More importantly, leave behind who we are and empty out everything. Instead, just be me.
‘I never wanted anything from life.’
If I say those words, I would be lying. In fact, that would be the biggest lie of my life. I wanted, I have always wanted. I just never could bring the words out. My voice failing, my heart breaking, my soul shattering.
But, what do I really want in life? I don’t know yet. So, I will tell you everything I wanted and still want. Today, I will be true; true to you, and most importantly, true to myself.
I…I…I want to live.

This Is Not Your Story Book

Yes. Not one but many lives in one lifetime. I want to write about myself and everyone I ever met, capture the essence of what it’s like to live. To be able to read everything beautiful and painful ever written and appreciate the experiences captured. All of this hoping to inspire and be inspired.
I want to learn and to teach. Yes, both, because I have had life-defining encounters that need to be shared and understood. Even so, I still have life-changing experiences, lessons to learn.

This Is Not Your Story Book by  Savi Sharma

I want to give away everything I have. Yes, I want that and I want to begin again. To remind myself what it means to start over, to be back at the beginning of one’s life.
I want to eat and dress well, have a nice car and a nicer home. To be rich, famous and appreciated. The little things and the bigger things, I want all of them.
I want to be single and yet attached. Alone yet accompanied. I want to be everything and nothing, all at once!
I want Death to want me. He cannot take me, I want him to come when I have exhausted these lives I want to live and become! I want him to desire the enriched soul I will be!
I want it all; slowly, gradually, definitely. But is this all possible? Can one person be all these things in one lifetime?
I don’t know, but I certainly want to know.

This Is Not Your Story

Ever since regaining my ‘once upon a time extinct’ hobby early this year and after having read a couple of novels from the well-established authors in Indian fiction, I decided to pick one which had a unique yet eye-catching title with an unknown authoress name. I confess I had never come across that name. I picked it more so because the last line of caption read “Would you have the courage to rewrite it? Thinking this could relate to my story and selfishly eyeing a way out how to “re-write” mine, I thought to give it a try. And, believe it or try it to second me, it indeed is highly motivational and truly inspirational. A perfectly laid out plot, inspired by real life circumstances, beautifully described instances, impeccably defined protagonists…..this will actually enlighten and compel you to follow your dreams. The context could be different from an individual’s point of view, however, you will end up finding yourself in Shaurya, Anubhav, Miraya or Kasturi. Their story leads you to think, rather, challenge you to “re-write” your story. Because the one you may be living now may not actually be yours. I am surely re-writing mine. Are you?
This Is Not Your Story Savi Sharma:
And, last but not the least, I now re-confess that I will never forget this name, “Savi Sharma” the author of “This Is Not Your Story”. Your way of writing is superb. It has a perfectly ingrained mixture of reality, emotions, genuineness and substance, so much so that while reading I could feel the visual setup of story-line flowing through the mind with one part anchored to my heart.

This Is Not Your Story By Savi Sharma

Finally today I completed this wonderful Book. TINYS .This is the second book which I have read and completed after EHAS. And both the book especially this one is superb , amazing & fantastic. Savi Mam, your work is commendable.
After reading this book ,I realize it ,that it take a lot of efforts to present this book of 218 pages in front of your readers.

Your efforts are commendable .After reading this book , It not only inspired me but also compeled me to change my story and follow the sound of my heart.
This book is not for a particular age group. Because somewhat and at somepoint we are stuck in our life and every one need an inspiration .So from youngsters to old age everyone can read this book. MUST READ !

This Is Not Your Story By Savi Sharma
All the charactera are well placed in the book.I am very much inspired from the story of the main protagonist of the story , Shaurya . Because it take a lot of determination and courage to follow your dream.The way in which shaurya try to go to mumbai from jaipur station means his never give up attitude finally compeled him to follow his dream and finally he reached to Mumbai. A tons of applause for writting TINYS .This book should reached to every ones heart.My humble request to all please give some time to read this take it will surely inspire you.
This Is Not Your Story By Savi Sharma-Savi Sharma This Is Not Your Story:

Tysm Savi Mam, waiting for you next tale….
All the best…. Stay Happy ! And Stay writting !

I have just completed “this is not your story”. If i told about this in one word, its amazing. I have found myself into this book.

Actually i am also CA final student and sometime i really feel very depressed when the things are not going as you think. That also impact our life and our behaviour with other. The purpose of my life is to help to freinds and i will make sure that nobody is unhappy bcoz of me. My try is to just to keep continue smile on my freinds face in such stressfull life. But some time our own life is under stress but at that time no people avilable with us.

This Is Not Your Story Savi Sharma

I am very inspired from your both Books. I just want to tell you that keep continue write the inspired stories for people like us are in higer course but cant continue bcoz our aim is different.

Thank you and waiting for your next book!!!

This Is Not Your Story By Savi Sharma