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This is Not Your Story:  This is Not Your Story  by Savi Sharma With her new novel.  She  is going to give a good start to 2017. This is Not Your Story Savi Sharma second novel . Before that her navel Every one has a Story is create record breaking success. This new book of Savi Sharma is released on 14 Feb .

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This Is Not your Story has three main character. Shaurya, Miraya & Anubhav, around whom the whole novel revolves. Shourya is C.A student, he is chasing his drems. Mirayan is an interior designer. Anubhav, an ambitious entrepreneur, he decides to give life a second chance.  The actually  theme of This is Not Your Story, is how a person can write or more over rewrite the story of their lives.

Savi Sharma known as the Author of Best-selling novel Everyone Has a Story – An Inspirational Story of Dreams,Love,  Life and Friendship. Savi Sharma  also co-founder of motivational media blog ‘Life & People’ where she writes about meditation, positivity,law of attraction, spirituality and other such topics. she leaves her CA studies to become a story teller. she is self-publisher. Savi Sharma  is published inspirational novel Everyone Has a story and This is not your Story.

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Every one has a story .but we found that, she found her self over whelmed with readers responses. Savi Sharma says that the book this not your story is motivated thousands of people to wrote and find their story and she tells I want to complete them to take a step to change their life and make it more better, and also she sad I want to remind them that only they will have to pay for making their life better. Savi Sharma hope that they find the courage to write the story which meant for them.