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Upkars SSB Interviews Book by Major P N Joshi: Hai Friends, Today we are give the Best Book for SSB Interviews. Upkars publication releases the Book to Crack SSB Interview. Author Major P N Joshi author can explain the SSB Interview Tricks and tips.

Upkars SSB Interviews Book by Major P N Joshi Concepts:

S. S. B. Interviews, 1/E

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Table of Contents Introductory

SSB Screening Tests Intelligence Tests
Introduction Verbal Intelligence Tests


Non-Verbal Intelligence Tests


Word Association Test (WAT)


Thematic Apperceptions Test (Picture Story Writing)


Situation Reaction Test (SRT)


Self-Appraisal and Self-Story




Indoor Tests:


Group Discussion:

  • Introduction
  • Model Group Discussion
  • Topics for Group Discussion


  • Introduction
  • Topics for Lecturettes

Group Planning:

  • Introduction
  • Group Planning:
  • Exercises

Outdoor Tests:

  • Introduction Progressive Group Task (PGT)
  • Inter-Groups Obstacle Race (Snake Race)
  • Half Group Task (HGT)

Command Task:

  • Introduction

Command Task:

  • Exercise Final Group Task

(FGT) Final Group Task:

  • Exercises Individual Obstacles:
  • Introduction

Individual Obstacles:

  • Exercises

SSB Interview Techniques:

  • Introduction
  • Model Interview/Specimen Useful Hints for Interview Hints on Pilot’s Aptitude Test (PAT)


AFCAT is conducted by the Indian Air Force to select officers in SSB. The Indian Military Academy of Dehradun (also known as the IMA) is the Indian Army Officer Training Academy. The following courses start after completion of the AFCAT and other procedures.

SSB Interview Books by Upkar’s:

The IMA is designed to train male candidates permanently employed by the Indian army. Players can choose from a large selection of characters, each trying to hit their opponents from the screen while they are fighting on different levels.Vijetha.co.in  is a first-class blog with valuable information for young and dynamic aspirants who are ready to join the Indian Army. In terms of past accomplishments, DDCP has contributed almost half of the total defense selections made since 2012 in Nagorno-Karakhand, which speaks volumes. Among all the defence training centres in Dehradun, Doon Defence Career Point was established as an institute for top rankings with the sole aim of helping serious students to succeed in defence examinations by providing top quality coaching.


SSB Interview The Complete Training Kit

The method, content and educational standards laid down by the DDCP have become synonymous with success in the heads of the candidates. The DCPD is the first of its kind to offer professional mentoring services to the NDA, CDS, SSB, CSE, Delhi Police, the Bank’s administrative mentoring services, and for all types of commissions in the Armed Forces and Para-Army. Through the NDA test: Brave young children who have passed their 12th grade are eligible to appear on the NDA. SSB is one of the most rare blogs that provides insight into the SSB procedure and also offers first-hand experience with both recommended and not recommended candidates.


SSB Interview: 16 hours power packed video lectures by dr. CDR. N.K Natarajan

Joshi, the officer in charge of the 13 JAK Rifles, led their preliminary reconnaissance after ascending to a panoramic point, and made an attack plan. I have also read a lot of blogs from the admin and candidates who have helped me to develop my own strategies and correct my mistakes. I am very grateful to SSBCRACK, who has always motivated me and helped me to achieve my goal, for the fact that it has provided me with a thorough knowledge of the SSB process and that all the show trials and slides have really helped me to perform my best in the SSB procedure.


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How long does it take for a candidate who appears in AFCAT February and qualifies all procedures to begin training?


Upkar SSB Interview Book

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