The most important of all is to decide on a course of study. We had a student who has done BTech. in Civil Engineering, but his interests lay in pursuing managerial courses. He was in a dilemma whether to go for the common Master’s in Civil Engineering or look out for courses that match his interests. In his case, MBA abroad was not an option because he is a fresher with no work experience and Business schools require minimum Work-ex.   But, there are many Universities abroad that offer specialized courses for students with diverse interests- This student here can pursue Master’s in Construction Management, which is a good intersection of his B.Tech degree and his Field of interest or completely shift to Management, by opting for Master’s in Engineering Management. 

A lot of us don’t know about specializations offered by Universities in a given field and miss out on some exciting courses that fall in line with our interests. One need not stick to the same course as his/her undergraduate degree. 

Online Research:

To get to know more about the Specializations you’re eligible for, make sure you Research online. There’s a ton of information on Quora, Graduate Studies dedicated forums, or you can also visit the Graduate School Websites of Top Universities, in the country of your liking. 

One easy way is to go to the Graduate school websites of one of the Top Universities in the country you’re planning to study in. Once you’re on the website, look out for different graduate courses that a particular University is offering. You’ll probably notice a long list of courses but just pick the streams you will be eligible to apply to and read about them. The Top University websites have a lot of information regarding specializations and the subjects taught in the courses. This way you can check if the specialization aligns with your interests.

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